Chacahua- A surprise change of fate turns tragedy into paradise

Chacahua- A surprise change of fate turns tragedy into paradisefeatured


On one of my weekend escapes while in Zipolite, I decided to go to Chacahua.  I now felt there was a sort of comfort in my solitude and I was finding traveling alone to be very liberating.  I had heard of Chacahua from a few friends back home, and when I asked the local residents of what to see, this place was always on the list.  The talk of a lagoon located in the middle of the ocean that turned phosphorescent at night, the residents that had deep african roots, some lone survivors  from a a shipwreck that landed there out of chance.  All of it sounded so romantic and captivating.

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Chacahua is about a four hour journey from Zipolite.  It is not all that easy to arrive to Chacahua.  You must really want to go to Chacahua in order to get there.  It is nestled on Mexico’s Costa Chica in between the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca.  Since I was on the adventurous cheap transportation mood, I boarded four different modes.  And boy was it worth it!!  Chacahua is full of virgin beaches and wondrous lagoons, and it is also famous among surfers from all over the world because of its very smooth waves. The history of this place is like no other in Mexico.  The story goes; there was a shipwreck full of slaves from Africa that was bound to the Americas and those who survived populated these Oaxacan shores.  Chacahua’s inhabitants have deep african roots and they call themselves Afro-Mestizo.  Their physical appearance is noticeably different from other places in Mexico, but like other corners of this world where you see a inter-combination of races, they are very attractive.


 If you were ever thinking of getting away from it all, Chacahua is your place.  You are there to enjoy and LIVE your surroundings, thats it!  No internet, no phone service, no stupid distractions.  It is full of bamboo made cabins with mosquito nets, hammocks in front of the ocean and family owned fish diners that have literally caught the fish a few hours prior.  I was lucky to make a friend on a boat on my way there and she directed me to Martha’s cabins.  Martha and her family were incredibly sweet and gave me info on what to see and directed me to Alude, who guided me through the lagoons and mangroves.  



My awesome cabin a few steps from the ocean

I spent my days reading in front of the beach, having amazing freshly caught fish, kayaking while getting lost in the mangroves, and swimming in the lagoon. However, the highlight of my trip was hanging out with the local fishermen.  I was invited to a birthday party, ate amazing fish tamales, and even accompanied them on a fishing trip!  This truly made me feel special since there was no other outsider with them.


Birthday party with the locals!




And who can forget these Mangroves…….

DSCN2235 (1)

Plankton effect makes you feel like you are in an Avatar movie


This place was like no other I have seen.  I couldn’t help thinking on how lucky these people were.  Many could argue that they don’t have the same comforts and distractions that we are surrounded with, but in reality I think they are happier because they don’t have these distractions!  All I could see were kind faces with no signs of stress, the purest food, and the astonishing ecosystem at work!  I also thought how luck turns to some and not to others. We can agree that one of the darkest and grimmest acts of our human history is the fact that humans enslaved others.  The first settlers were there by mere chance, as their fortune changed when the best thing that happened was the shipwreck!  They arrived to paradise.  Unfortunately, many parts of this world had slavery scripted to their history, but for the early settlers of Chacahua fate turned tragedy into paradise!!!  Magical Mexico is so lucky to have both this story of survival, and this astonishing place in its coast!!



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