A lot more than I bargained for….

A lot more than I bargained for….featured


It was the tenth month of my travels and now I found myself with a couple of friends from college enjoying a beer at a bar in Dallas, Texas. It was the time where the “El Nino” effect was flooding Texas with rain and made the idea of being outside impossible. Claudia mentioned, as others had, that I should write a blog about my travels. In those ten months I had traveled in southern Mexico, Guatemala, Turkey, Serbia, Peru and Colombia by myself.  I found the idea a little pretentious and didn’t think I had any more information than what I already shared on Facebook with my friends. I mentioned my thoughts on the matter but my friend Sean said something that stuck in my head.  He said I wouldn’t write the blog for others, I would write it for my future self.  I loved the concept!  A place that I could go back and read about the whirlwind of a year I had lived through. Who I was and who I became.  The journey of self I first set out to take after leaving the U.S.  A journey that turned into something entirely more than just that.  It had been the closing and opening of cycles, the discovery of spirit within me, and most importantly the constant creation of myself.  Yes, it was also the amazing places I had been incredibly lucky to see, but more importantly it was the people I met in those places that made a huge impact in who I now had become.


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